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For an overview of the projects approved under the Priority Programme 1448 please see Projects and the interactive map of projects and partners.


SPP 1448 Working Paper No. 9 now online

On coba and cocok: youth-led drug-experimentation in Eastern Indonesia[more]


SPP 1448 Editorial Workshop "Space"

September 11, 2014, Leipzig[more]


SPP 1448 Working Paper No. 8 now online

Powerful, metamorphic, mediative: Trees, climate change, and the intricate geographies of objects[more]


SPP 1448 Working Paper No. 7 now online

Timeless and Chronic Mediation: Knowledge about Hypertension and Diabetes in Uganda[more]


SPP 1448 Working Paper No. 6 now online

Global Public Health: Workshops, Technologies of Participation, and the Authorization of Knowledge in Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda[more]