The Central Project (Z Project)


The Central Project of the SPP 1448 (called Z Project) serves the African Studies community in Germany as the backbone for the implementation and the coordination of the priority programme.

The two spokespersons are assisted by two academic coordinators, Ronn Müller, based in Halle and Lena Dallywater, based in Leipzig.

The coordinators provide logistical services both to potential applicants as well as to the projects approved under the programme.

Under the supervision of the co-spokespersons the co-ordinators steer the academic programme of the SPP 1448, implement the different programme components, organise the annual summer school and the biannual thematic conferences and are responsible for the dissemination of press releases and other public relation activities.

Contact details of the co-ordinators and the spokespersons of the Priority Programme can be found here.