Susan Erikson

12 January - 25 April 2016

Susan Erikson is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby. She is an anthropologist who has worked in Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and North America. During a first international affairs career, Dr. Erikson worked for or with government departments and agencies on issues of international development, foreign policy, and trade. As an academic, Dr. Erikson combines her practical work experience with a critical study of the relations of power informing global health scenarios. Her focus is global health and she conducts ethnographic research on global health futures, humanitarian aid, biomedical knowledge production, expertise, governmentality, and the political economy of global health, particularly data use and financing.

Her recent publications are: "Global Health Business: The Production and Performativity of Statistics in Sierra Leone and Germany" (2012: Medical Anthropology, Special Issue: Enumeration, Identity, and Health, 32(4): 367-384) & "Social Embodiments: Prenatal Risk in Postsocialist Germany" (2012: Anthropologica 54(1): 83-94)