Dr Behrend's Recent Main Publications


Behrends, Andrea (2016): Kein Segen, nirgends - Alte Landwirtschaft, neue Erdölförderung und der soziale Wandel im Tschad. In: forschung 1/16. 18 -23.

Behrends, Andrea, with Sung-Joon Park and Richard Rottenburg (2014): Travelling Models in African Conflict Management. Translating Technologies of Social Ordering. Leiden: Brill.

Behrends, Andrea, with Stephen P. Reyna and Günther Schlee (2011): Crude Domination. An Anthropology of Oil. Oxford: Berghahn.

Behrends, Andrea, with Nikolaus Schareika (2011): Oil, State, Resource Curse (in German). In: Based on Facts. Festschrift for Thomas Bierschenk (in German), eds. Schareika, Spies & Le Meur, 465-476. Cologne: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.

Behrends, Andrea, with Nikolaus Schareika (2010): Significations of Oil in Africa or What (more) Can Anthropologists Contribute to the Study of Oil?’ Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 35 (1): 83-86.

Behrends, Andrea, with Stephen P. Reyna (2008): The Crazy Curse. Towards an Anthropology of Oil. Focaal, 52:1-17.

Behrends, Andrea (2008): Fighting for Oil When There is No Oil Yet: The Darfur-Chad Border. Focaal, 52: 39-56.

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