Prof Boeckler's Recent Main Publications


Boeckler, Marc (2014): Geographien des Performativen. In: Geographische Zeitschrift (2014) 102/3, S. 129-133 (mit P. Dirksmeier und U. Ermann

Boeckler, Marc (2014): Digitale Geographien: Neogeographie, Ortsmedien und der Ort der Geographie im digitalen Zeitalter. In: Geographische Rundschau (2014), pp. 4-10.

Boeckler, Marc (2014): B/ordering the Mediterranean: Free Trade, Fresh Fruits and Fluid Fixity. In: Gertel, Jörg und Sarah Ruth Sippel (eds.): Seasonal Workers in Mediterranean Agriculture. The Social Cost of Eating Fresh. London (Routledge), S. 23-35. [mit C. Berndt]

Boeckler, Marc (2014): Industriestudie Frankfurt. Frankfurt (Peter Lang)  [mit P. Lindner, S. Ouma und M. Klöppinger).

Boeckler, Marc (2013): Dis/articulating producers, markets, and regions: New directions in critical studies of commodity chains. In: Environment and Planning A 45:11, pp. 2544 – 2552 (mit Jennifer Bair, Christian Berndt und Marion Werner).

Boeckler, Marc (2013): Geographies of circulation and exchange: The great crisis and marketization »after markets«. In: Progress in Human Geography 37:3, pp. 424 - 432 (mit C. Berndt).

Boeckler, Marc (2013): Extending the Margins of Marketization: Frontier Regions and the Making of Agro-Export Markets in Northern Ghana. In: Geoforum 48, pp. 225-235  (mit S. Ouma und P.Lindner) [pdf]

Boeckler, Marc (2012): Ashby Prize. In: Environment and Planning A 2012, 44, pp. 2298 – 2302 [pdf]

Boeckler, Marc (2012): Geographies of Marketization. In: Barnes, Trevor, Peck, Jamie and Sheppard, Eric (Hg.): The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography. Oxford (Wiley-Blackwell), pp. 199-212. (mit C. Berndt).


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