Prof Engel's Recent Main Publications


Last 5 years seleced edited volumes


(2015, forthcoming) (eds.) African Spaces and the Production of Order (with D. Müller-Mahn and M. Boeckler).

(2015, forthcoming) Unfinished Business. South Africa 20 Years after the End of Apartheid. Leiden, Boston: Brill Academic Publishers (with A. Pallotti).

(2015, forthcoming) (eds.) New Regionalisms in a Changing World Order - Mapping Latin America and Africa. London: Routledge (with F. Mattheis, T. Plötze and H. Zinecker).

2015 (eds.). 1989 in A Global Perspective. Leipzig: Universitätsverlag Leipzig (with M. Middell and F. Hadler).

2014 Special Issue of African Security, 7 (3): Imagining, Implementing, and Integrating the African Peace and Security Architecture (with J. Gomes Porto).

2013 (eds.). African Dynamics in a Multipolar World. Leiden, Boston: Brill Academic Publishers (with M. Joao Ramos).

2013 (eds.). Towards an African Peace and Security Regime. Continental Embeddedness, Transnational Linkages, Strategic Relevance. Farnham: Ashgate (with J. Gomes Porto)

2012 (ed.). New Mediation Practices in African Conflicts. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

2012 (eds.). Erinnerungskulturen. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag (mit M. Middell and S. Troebst)


Last 5 years selected articles


2015 (forthcoming). "Democracy, Governance and Elections in South Africa, 1994-2014". In U. Engel & A. Pallotti (eds.) Unfinished Business. South Africa 20 Years After the End of Apartheid. Leiden. Boston: Brill Academic Publishers.

2015 (forthcoming). "Transitional Justice in Afrika". In A. Mihr et al. (Hrsg.) Aufarbeitung von Unrecht, Rechtsstaatlichkeit und Demokratie. Wiesbaden: Springer.

2015 (forthcoming). "Headquarters of International Organizations as Portals of Globalization: The African Union Commission’s peace and security policies". In C. Baumann and M. Campbell (eds.) Portals of Globalization. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

2015. "Africa's '1989'". In U. Engel et al. (eds.) 1989 in a Global Perspective. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

2014. "The African Union, the African Peace and Security Architecture, and Maritime Security", African Security 7 (3): 207-227.

2014. "Introduction: Imagining, Implementing and Integrating the African Peace and Security Architechture", African Security 7 (3): 135-146 (with J. Gomes Porto).

2014. "South Africa: The 2014 National and Provincial Elections", Africa Spectrum (2): 79-89.

2014. "The African Union, APSA and Maritime Security". FES Working Paper. 2013. "African Union and African security". In J. Hentz (ed.) Routledge Handbook of African Security. London: Routledge, 190-197 (with J. Gomes Porto)

2013. "The Changing Role of the AU Commission in Inter-African Relations. The Case of APSA and AGA". In J. Harbeson and D. Rothchild (eds.) Africa in World Politics. Engaging a Changing Global Order. 5th ed., Boulder CO: Westview Press, 186-206.

2012. "The G8 and Germany’s Africa Policy – A Case of Hegemonic Mainstreaming", Global Governance 18: 471-476.

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