Dr Giese's Recent Main Publications


Thiel, Alena / Giese, Karsten (forthcoming), The silent majority – the psychological contract in Chinese-Ghanaian labor relations, in: International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Giese, Karsten / Thiel, Alena (2015), Chinese factor in the space, place and agency of female head porters in urban Ghana, in: Social & Cultural Geography, 16, 4, 444-464

Giese, Karsten / Thiel, Alena (2015), The psychological contract in Chinese-African informal labor relations, in: International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26, 14, 1807-1826

Giese Karsten / Thiel, Alena (2014): “The vulnerable other - distorted equity in Chinese-Ghanaian employment relation”, in:  Ethnic and Racial Studies, pre-published online (DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2012.681676).

Giese, Karsten (2013): "Same-Same But Different: Chinese Traders' Perspectives on African Labor." China Journal, 69, 134-53.

Giese, Karsten / Thiel, Alena (2012), When Voicelessness Meets Speechlessness – Struggling for Equity in Chinese-Ghanaian Employment Relations, GIGA Working Paper, No. 194, May 2012, Hamburg: GIGA

Giese, Karsten / Müller, Constanze (2010): How to behave yourself on the net? Ethical limits of public communication in China, in: The Electronic Journal of Communication, 20, 3-4.


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