Dr Hornberger's Recent Main Publications


Hornberger, Julia (2013): From General to Commissioner to General. The State of Popular Policing in South Africa. Law and Social Inquiry. August.

Hornberger, Julia (2011) Policing and Human Rights. The Meaning of Violence and Justice in the Everyday Policing o f Johannesburg. Law, Development and Globalisation Series. London: Routledge.

Hornberger, Julia (2010) Human Rights and Policing: Exigency or Incongruence? Annual Review of Law and Social Science.

Hornberger, Julia (2009) Ma-Slaan-Pa Dockets. Negotiations at the Boundary between the Private and the Public. In Gorgio Blundo and Pierre-Yves Le Meur (eds) Governance of Daily Life in Africa Leiden: Brill Press.


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