Dr Klaeger's Recent Main Publications


Forthcoming (with M. Stasik). “Reordering Ghana’s new roadside spaces: hawking in times of infrastructural renewal”. In: U. Engel, D. Müller-Mahn and M. Böckler (eds.): Spaces of Order: Adaptation and Creativity in Africa.

Klaeger, G. (2014): "Rush and relax: the rhythms and speeds of touting perishable products on a Ghanaian roadside". In: D. Dalakoglou and P. Harvey (eds.): Roads and Anthropology: Ethnography, infrastructures, (im)mobility. London: Routledge. 79-96. - Reprint of article in Mobilities 7 (4), 2012.

Klaeger, G. (2013): "Introduction: The perils and possibilities of African roads". In: Africa 83 (3): 359-366.

Klaeger, G. (2013): Editor of ‘Ethnographies of the Road’. Part-special issue, Africa 83 (3).

Klaeger, G. (2013): “Dwelling on the road: Routines, rituals and road blocks in southern Ghana”. In: Africa 83 (3): 446-469.

Klaeger, G. (2009): “Religion on the Road: The Spiritual Experience of Road Travel in Ghana”. In: J.-B. Gewald, S. Luning and K. van Walraven (eds.): The Speed of Change. Motor Vehicles and People in Africa, 1890-2000. Leiden, Boston: Brill. 212-231.


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