Prof Mehler's Recent Main Publications


Zanker, Franzisca / Simons, Claudia / Mehler, Andreas  (2015), Power, Peace and space in Africa: Revisiting territorial power-sharing, in: African Affairs

Mehler, Andreas / Seuser, Marcus (2015), Meinungsfreiheit in Afrika unter Druck, GIGA Focus Afrika, 04/2015, Hamburg: GIGA

Mehler, Andreas (2014), Pathways to Elite Insecurity / Fieldsights - Hot Spots (Central African Republic), in: Cultural Anthropology, Fieldsights. (online)

Mehler, Andreas (2014), Review: Voting in fear: Electoral violence in Africa, in: South African Journal of International Affairs, 21, 1, 156-159.

Mehler, Andreas (2013), Consociationalism for Weaklings, Autocracy for Muscle Men? Determinants of Constitutional Reform in Divided Societies, in: Civil Wars, Special Issue 1, 15, 21-43

Mehler, Andreas (2013), Why Federalism Did Not Lead to Secession in Cameroon, in: Ethnopolitics, 13, 1, 48-66

Mehler, Andreas / Kurtenbach, Sabine (2013), Introduction: Institutions for Sustainable Peace? Determinants and Effects of Institutional Choices in Divided Societies, in: Civil Wars, 15, 1, 1-6.

Mehler, Andreas (2013): Positive, ambiguous or negative? Peacekeeping in the local security fabric, in: Ulf Engel und Joao Gomes Porto (Hrsg.), Towards an African Peace and Security Regime. Continental Embeddedness, Transnational Linkages, Strategic Relevance, Farnham: Ashgate, 155-178.

Mehler, Andreas (2013): Power-Sharing, in: Nicolas Cheeseman, David Anderson und Andrea Scheibler (Hrsg.), Routledge Handbook of African Politics, Abingdon: Routledge.


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