Felix Müller's Recent Main Publications


Project: "Changing Stateness in Africa"

Müller, Felix (forthcoming): "Ethiopian Federalism Revisited: Reterritorialization, Nationality, and the (De)Legitimization of Ordering Practices". In: Böckler, Marc; Engel, Ulf; Müller-Mahn, Detlef (Eds.) Spaces of Order: Adaptation and Creativity in Africa.

Müller, Felix (2015): "Model Transfer in the Making: Changing Development Strategies of, and Expectations towards, the State in Ethiopia and Ghana". SPP 1448 Working Paper Series No. 15.

Müller, Felix (2015): "Ethiopian and Ghanaian Thoughts on Asia's Rise: Development Strategies in Question". In: Sonderegger, Arno (Ed.): African Thoughts on Colonial and Neo-Colonial Worlds: Facets of an Intellectual History of Africa, 151-170. Berlin: Neofelis.