Sung-Joon Park's Recent Main Publications


Park, Sung-Joon (forthcoming 2015): A world of indicators. Cambridge University Press (together with Richard Rottenburg, Sally Engle Merry, and Johanna Mugler).

Park, Sung-Joon (forthcoming 2015): "'Nobody is going to die': Hope, moral courage, and antiretroviral therapy in a fragmented world of indicators" In: Rottenburg, Merry, Park, and Mugler A world of indicators. Cambridge University Press.

Lamwaka , Alice / Ojara, Moris / Park, Sung-Joon / Whyte, Susan Reynolds (forthcoming 2014): "Health facility recognition of non-communicable diseases in northern Uganda", African Health Sciences.

Behrends, Andrea / Park, Sung-Joon / Rottenburg, Richard (2014). Travelling Models in African Conflict Management: Translating Technologies of Social Ordering. Brill: Leiden.

Park, Sung-Joon (2014): "Staging global health: Workshops, technologies of participation, and the authorization of knowledge in the global health of antiretroviral therapy in Uganda" SPP 1448-Working Paper Series, Halle/Leipzig.

Park, Sung-Joon (2012): „Stock-outs in global health: Pharmaceutical governance and uncertainties in the global supply of ARVs in Uganda“. In Rethinking Biomedicine and Governance in Africa. P.W. Geissler, R. Rottenburg, and J. Zenker, eds. Pp. 177-194. Bielefeld: Transcript.


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