Prof Rottenburg's Recent Main Publications



Richard Rottenburg, Sally Engle Merry, Sung-Joon Park, Johanna Mugler (eds) (2015): A world of indicators: The making of governmental knowledge through quantification. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press.

Calkins, Sandra, Enrico Ille & Richard Rottenburg (eds) (2014): Emerging Orders in the Sudans. Bamenda and Buea: Langaa.

Calkins, Sandra / Gertel, Jörg / Rottenburg, Richard (eds.) (2014): Disrupting Territories. Land, Commodification and Conflict in Sudan. Suffolk: James Currey.

Behrends, Andrea / Rottenburg, Richard / Park, Sung-Joon (eds.) (2014): Travelling Models in African Conflict Management. Translating technologies of social ordering. Leiden and Boston: Brill.

Geissler, Paul Wenzel / Rottenburg, Richard / Zenker, Julia (eds.) (2012): Rethinking Biomedicine and Governance in Africa. Contributions from Anthropology. Bielefeld: transcript (MatteRealities/VerKörperungen 15).

Rottenburg, Richard / Schramm, Katharina / Skinner, David (eds.) (2012): Identity politics and the new genetics - re/creating categories of difference and belonging. New York [u.a.]: Berghahn Books (Studies of the biosocial society 6).

Rottenburg, Richard (2009): Far-Fetched Facts. A Parable of Development Aid. Cambridge (Mass): MIT Press

Rottenburg, Richard (2009): "Social and public experiments and new figurations of science and politics in postcolonial Africa".In: Postcolonial Studies 12 (4): 423-440.

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