Dr Scholz' Recent Main Publications


Scholz Wolfgang/ Shahadat Hossain/ Sabine Baumgart (2015): "Translation of urban planning models: Planning principles, procedural elements and institutional settings". In: Habitat International Nr. 48, Munich: 140-148.

Scholz, Wolfgang et al. (2015): "Colonial Planning Concept and Postcolonial Realities. The Influence of British Planning Culture in Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana". In Carlos Nunes Silva (ed.): Urban Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa Colonial and Post-Colonial Planning Cultures. Routledge.

Heinrichs, D. (ed.) / Scholz, W. (2013): Urban Public Transport Trialog Nr.110, Darmstadt.

Reudenbach, L. / Scholz, W. (2013): "Mobility and residential location of the middle class in Dar es Salaam". In: Trialog Nr. 110: Urban Public Transport. Darmstadt:27-31.

Dayaram , Tanya / Robinson, Peter / Scholz, W. / Shedrack, Janepherr (2013): "The influence of planning standards on the long term sustainability of settlements. Evidence from Dar es Salaam". In: ISOCARP Review 09 Frontiers of planning: visionary futures for human settlements. Den Haag: 28-44.

Scholz, W. et al. (2013): "Development of Tourism Clusters in Aysén, Patagonia, Chile". In: Mobilitäten und Immobilitäten. Dortmunder Beiträge zur Raumplanung Nr.142. Dortmund: 533-547.


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