Professor Whyte's Recent Main Publications


Whyte, Michael/ Whyte, Susan Reynolds (2015): "Dilemmas of knowledge production in Ugandan universities". In: Hanne Kirstine Adriansen/ Lene Møller Madsen/ Stig Jensen (eds.): Higher Education and Capacity Building in Africa: The Geography of Power and Knowledge. Routledge.

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Kajubi, Phoebe / Whyte, Susan Reynolds / Muhumuza, Simon / Kyaddondo, David / Katahoire, Anne (2014): Communication between HIV-infected children and their caregivers about HIV medicines: a cross-sectional study in Jinja district, Uganda, in: Journal of the International AIDS Society.

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Whyte, Susan Reynolds (2014): Therapeutic research on children in low–income countries: studying trial communities. In: Archives of Diseases in Childhood.


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