Biennial Conference 2012 in Maputo


Programme October 2012


1-3 October

Summer School

3 October    

German Embassy Reception

4-6 October 

SPP Conference

5 October     

Round Table with former Federal President Horst Köhler

6 October      

Closing Session

In addition, an extra session on Gender Equality (3 October) and a cultural programme are organised.

The conference takes place at the "Centro Cultural Franco-Mocambiquano" (CCFMOZ, opposite the hotel).

Cultural Programme


Concerto de Jazz

Francis Drake,Germany and João Cabral Quinteto, Mozambique

"Habiter/ Construire"(Living/ Building)

a documentary film by Clémence Ancelin

Arrival and Accomodation


Participants of the Summer School/ Conference are accomodated at the hotel Pestama Rovuma (a number of rooms are booked).

The trip and arrival is planned on individual basis. Please communicate the time of arrival to Lena Heinze.

Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the "Sächsische Reisekostengesetz". Special cases of travelling (e.g. longer stay, no direct journey) have to be handled individually. Please contact Lena Heinze for further information.

Travel Information


Visa, entry requirements, and safety information for German citizens about Mozambique can be found here.

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