General programme components of the SPP 1448


The general programme components of the priority programme approved by the DFG are biennial thematic conferences, thematic workshops and the presentation of research results.


Biennial thematic conference:

Every second year a thematic conference will be held to discuss research results from the current project implementation phase. Visiting international researchers are invited for these conferences.

For further information please see Biennial Conferences.


Thematic workshops:

Every year two thematic workshops will be held. Sub-groups of approved projects under this programme have the opportunity to apply for organising thematic workshops.

Detailed information on these workshops can be found here.


Presenting research results:

The project leaders of the SPP 1448 have the opportunity to present results from their research at the major international African Studies conferences, i. e. the annual US African Studies Association conferences or the biennial European Conference on African Studies organised by the network of African Studies centres, AEGIS.

For upcoming events and presentations of SPP 1448 researchers see Calendar of events.