Diversity management and equal opportunities programme


Equal opportunities for male and female researchers is one special objective of the DFG SPP 1448. 

Thus, the SPP wants to support junior and senior researchers of the priority programme in their different projects as follows:


Compatibility of family and career

  • On an application basis projects will be provided with special funds to organise general day-care and childminders during all SPP activities, such as method workshops, thematic workshops, summer school, and thematic conferences.
  • Assumption of costs incurred by taking along babys and small children to conferences, summer schools, seminars etc.
  • In addition, young families will be supported during field research periods by extra funds for accompanying fathers/mothers
  • Assistance of pregnant women during field studies
  • Assistance of researchers with family members in need of care


Coaching/ Mentoring of young male and female researchers

The SPP 1448 promotes career-enhancing activities especially for young female researchers.

  • The SPP will run a programme with regular seminars for the interaction of successful women in academia and young female researchers.
  • Participation in coaching seminars and soft-skill workshops is financially supported


Theoretical discussion of inequalities in the scientific system

Based on the research results and research experience of the scientists in the sub-projects of the SPP 1448, the priority programme aims to adress structural inequalities in knowledge production and distribution by using respective theoretical approaches. The SPP 1448 wants to stimulate active engagement with the issues gender and positionality in the research context through organising annual meetings and workshops for young researchers.